Preferred Lawn Mowing Nerang 

Nerang is a very large suburb with a undulating land profile making lawn mowing Nerang & garden maintenance Nerang quite difficult in certain situations. We understand that the family orientated residents and the busy lifestyles of professionals residing in Nerang find maintaining their lawn and gardens out of there control. Our Professional operators are ready to assist no matter what the situation giving our clients back there quality time with loved ones or there hard earned time off. We also appreciate the older generation residing in Nerang may have difficulty mowing there lawns and keeping up with general property maintenance.

We provide a 100 % guarantee that you’ll be impressed with our service every time and with our pricing schedule offering great value for money you’ll be wandering why you havn”t used Preferred before. Call our office today on 0458669464

Our service area’s in Nerang and Highland Park extend from the pacific motorway all the way out  to Gilston and Paradise Country.

Our professional list of services include the following..

  • lawn mowing Nerang
  • garden maintenance Nerang
  • property maintenance Nerang
  • landscape maintenance Nerang


Some of our existing clients in Nerang are River Springs Country Club on Gilston Rd, BCF complex, Zaraffas Coffee and over 95 residential customers.

Our regular lawn mowing service includes the following..

  • lawns mowed
  • grass clippings taken away
  • edges trimmed
  • palm frons taken away
  • gardens and surrounds blown for that complete look
  • a friendly operator

When your enquiring please ask about hedging, pruning, garden makeovers, mulching, general landscaping, planting, pest control, yard clean ups and rubbish removal or see our home page for more information on our individual services.


“Did You Know: The Maid of Sker  had a long and varied working life. The Maid was an iron paddle steamer built in 1884 by J.W. Sutton of Kangaroo Point in Brisbane. It was originally fitted with a steam capable of sixteen horse power and the engine and boiler were mounted on deck. In 1897 after a few changes in ownership the steamer was sold to partners, Kleinschmidt and Genter. Afterwards it was sold and registered in the names of various members of the Kleinschmidt family. Between 1893 and 1930 the Maid of Sker made a weekly trip carrying cargo between Brisbane, Southport and Nerang. “
Maid Of Sker, info -


Maid of Sker in her former glory & how she rests today

Maid of Sker in her former glory & how she rests today